Vibrant Woman

Mama Sana Vibrant Woman is an organization comprised of women and mothers of color. We focus on issues affecting mothers of color in Austin. Although we do not turn anyone away, we provide culturally specific care and support for Black and Latina Women. Mama Sana Provides services for for Latina Women while Vibrant Woman provides services for Black Women through our Kandake Circles.

The word “Kandake” is an African term that means warrior-mother-queen. Our Kandake Circles provide opportunities for self-identifying Black women to come together, share experiences and work towards holistic health & well being with one another.

Kandake Pregnancy Logo

What We Offer:

*A safe place to share, learn, teach, laugh, and cry together on this journey called motherhood

Services We Provide:

*Fun, engaging, and creative prenatal education

*Quick access to prenatal care providers including OB/GYNs, Midwives, and other providers

*Caring social support

*Free prenatal yoga, exercise, and nutrition classes

*Breastfeeding and lactation information and support

*Birth preparation classes that go over topics such as: how to deal with fear and pain during labor, practicing positions for labor, preparing partner for labor and much more, including time to ask your own questions about what to expect during your delivery

*Light meals, childcare, and raffle prizes during all groups


To sign up simply gives us a call or send us an email!

512-710-5729 or