New free prenatal program for women of color in Austin


Austin, TX- Mama Sana/Vibrant Woman (MS/VW) is offering a free prenatal education program in Southeast Austin at the Southeast Health and Wellness Center starting Tuesday, June 14, 2016 led by program staff, midwives and trained birth companions. For mamas/women who are not pregnant, MS/VW will offer bi-monthly nutrition and exercise groups with children’s activities. Northeast Austin location soon to be announced.

Services include:

  • Free prenatal classes for Black and Latina women in both Spanish and English
  • Culturally-centered nutrition and exercise programs
  • Emotional peer support groups for pregnant women
  • Support from trained birth companions during the prenatal, birth and postpartum periods
  • Quick access to prenatal care providers to initiate care (OB/GYNs, midwives and other providers)


Why this project is vital for Travis County?

Despite dramatic improvements in birth outcomes and maternal child health across the world during the last two decades, birth outcomes in Travis County continue to be characterized by stark disparities between racial groups. The mortality rates among African-American and Latino infants are higher than the average for the state of Texas, or the country as a whole, while White infant mortality is noticeably lower than both the statewide and national averages. The MS/VW program addresses institutional barriers, including systematic racism, that result in experiences of social isolation and negative health outcomes among African American and Latina mothers and infants.


For a current schedule and to sign up for this program, please call 512-710-5729

Vibrant Woman Program Director Kellee Coleman, or

Mama Sana Program Director Jeanette Monsalve, . 


About Mama Sana/Vibrant Woman

Mama Sana/Vibrant Woman (MS/VW) is a project of Mamas of Color Rising, a grassroots organization led by and for women/mamas of color working towards a just and loving world; where all mothers receive, attentive, quality, loving care, and where all communities have equitable resources to care for their children. In 2015, Mama Sana/Vibrant Woman produced a report, “ Austin- A ‘Family Friendly’ City: Perspective and Solutions from Mothers in the City” which brought to light the ongoing racial disparities in Austin for a wide range of social determinants of health, including maternal and infant health outcomes.

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Media Contact

Michelle Mejia, Communications, Mama Sana Vibrant Woman, 210-748-7173